Diversity Motorsports is an All-American story:

Diversity Motorsports was founded by Terrance Cox III and Bob Schacht of Bob Schacht Motorsports and is the exciting new face of racing. Bob brings countless years of race team management and ownership to DMS. Terrance Cox brings his marketing wizardry and experience, having spent years putting deals together to create marketable product lines and exciting promotional events. Add in the talents of Adrian Sinden in Finance and the picture is complete.  

The combination of experience in the motorsports industry combined with the team's years of experience in management give our contributors the comfort level and value to produce measurable results with their investments. DMS fully scalable business model and state of the art programming management allows us to support portfolios of programs and brands worldwide. 

DMS - Who We Are

Diversity Motorsports RacingDiversity Motorsports, LLC is located in the heart of NASCAR country at 709 Performance Road in Mooresville, NC. We are headquartered with Bob Schacht Motorsports in an extensive 20,000 square foot racing complex.