Diversity Motorsports Racing and Marketing Services 

DMS is an asset holding company which creates best car seat brands and sponsorship opportunities for companies and global organizations which would not normally invest in the motorsports industry. We create racing team sponsorship packages, which include customized multi-race packages if an entire season sponsorship is not feasible for the sponsor. We work with potential sponsors who may be outside the norm when it comes to consideration of NASCAR or motorsports racing, such as Wall Street firms, entertainment entities or high-tech dot-com organizations.

DMS is on the cutting edge with innovative sponsorship packages and accounting policies that operate with total transparency to ensure the utmost level of integrity for our sponsors.  Our fully scalable business model allows us to support a number of “brands’ and everyone involved with DMS is committed at every level and honored to be associated with the brands and initiatives we proudly endorse and promote.

​DMS has the requisite experience as a result of over 50 years of motorsports competition in the US and worldwide, including race series expertise in the UAE. DMS fully scalable business model and state of the art programming management allows us to support portfolios of programs & brands worldwide.​